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About Mary Louis

Mary Louis is a brand made by Maria Luis that is dedicated to Design and the conception of pieces of Jewelery. Signature Pieces, Custom Projects, Grillz or Seasonal Author Collections. All of these lines stand out for their authentic shapes, quality materials and careful and handmade production. The Art of Jewelery is an exact science, but it lives on feelings that, obligatorily, awaken our most intimate side. The “Unicorn” Mary Louis (brand logo) was chosen to represent a world where dreaming is allowed. Its symbology reflects spirituality, links us to Alchemy and refers us to a “Fantastic Universe”. Mary Louis, challenges us to assume individuality and to mark our time and lifestyle, with “Real” materials. All of this, with the stamp of exclusivity for each one of us, when desired. The concept of immortality, in a piece of jewelery.

"Mary Louis challenges you to mark our times with mathematically executed designs to ensure the highest quality of materials and techniques used. Remember that Jewelry is a "Gift" with a Future."