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Mary Louis is a Portuguese brand of Author Jewelry produced by Maria Luis.


All pieces are in compliance with the guidelines of quality and care of materials, such as 925 Silver and 14-carat to 19-carat Gold. These metals may have various tones and degrees of purity depending on the customer’s requirements and preferences. A variety of adaptations can be undertaken in the making of gold or silver jewels to guarantee the adequate solution to the profile of each customer. The jewels bear the due hallmark. For more information on this, please see the INCM Website. You can also check the Portuguese hallmarks by consulting the table presented on this page. For the daily rates of noble metals, please click on this Link.


The Mary Louis pieces are made by handcraft as well as more innovative processes. All collections stand out for their authentic forms, quality materials and careful crafting. Mary Louis may occasionally launch some products in which noble metals are combined with materials such as resin, stones, natural or synthetic gems, zirconia or titanium, among others. The information on the used materials is available in the description of each article.




The Mary Louis pieces are made to last for a long time, but sometimes jewellery can suffer damages. In that case, please contact us by email – [email protected] – and describe us what happened, if possible illustrating it with a photograph to help us assess the damage. Should the damage result from misuse, there will be a budget for the reparation.














Avoid contact with cosmetic products, detergents or perfumes.


Do not wear the pieces when practicing sports, as it may cause damages. Keep the pieces in a dry and clean place. Avoid exposition to humidity if possible. Occasionally clean the pieces with a soft and dry cloth.


You can also contact us by email – [email protected] – for a more thorough cleaning of the piece; costs may apply.