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How do I purchase an article at the Mary Louis online shop?

To purchase an article at, please click on the menu SHOP, where you will find all articles of the Mary Louis collections. Once you have found an article that you would like to buy, click to add it to your shopping bag; you can add as many articles as you want. When you finish your selection, click on the item shopping bag; this will take you to the page where you can confirm the products and their quantities.

You are then required to enter all of the personal data that is necessary to complete a successful purchase.

As soon as your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email providing you with the information that you need to keep track of the delivery.


Do I need to register to make a purchase online?

You do not need to register to make a purchase at, but if you do register you will have access to campaigns, discounts or other promotions that may be in force. If you enjoy our website and wish to visit it again, the registration will make your next purchase easier and simpler; and there is also the benefit of receiving the latest news first-hand.

We accept PayPal or credit card as payment methods. These are the most secure and efficient methods. For details, please visit our sections of Shipping and Returning or Terms and Conditions.


Where can Mary Louis ship articles to?

Mary Louis Shipments articles to Mainland Portugal and archipelagos. All Europe and the rest of the World.


Where are the Mary Louis pieces made?

All of the Mary Louis pieces are made in Portugal, in the town of Vila Nova de Gaia. The production of these articles of Author Jewellery complies with high quality parameters and particular care to satisfy the needs and preferences of the customers.

How do I buy the right size for me?

If you want to know the right measure before making an order, please visit the guide on sizes that is available on our website.

To ensure the perfect size of a ring, we provide drawings of several diameters identified with a number. You can print them in A4 paper format; use these drawings and a ring that fits your finger perfectly to find the correct diameter for you. Our guide on sizes also offers a couple of hints on how to measure your bracelet or choose the size of a necklace. Please take in consideration that this refers to standard measures; you can always choose to create a personalised piece or a piece that suits any other specific circumstance or preference.

What's MYOWN?

MYOWN is the service Mary Louis offers where the customer make their own personalized jewelry.  On the homepage of the site you will find an area to click on - MYWON - Where you must fill out our form carefully and do all your wishes and questions.  After submitting the form, Mary Louis will respond within the next 24/48 hours. If you have any other questions, please send us an email to: [email protected]

How do I make a personalised order?

There are several ways to place a custom order; On the homepage of the site you will find an area to click on - MYOWN - where you will have access to the form that you must fill in completely, and you have a field to describe specific details or item of the part you want; describe carefully what you consider most important. Another way is through email - [email protected] - and will be sent to you, the same form for be filled in manually if you prefer. While browsing the site you will find MYOWN's gifs if you click will be automatically guided to the form. Within 48 hours you will receive a response by email or telephone.

What do I get when I buy something at the Mary Louis website?

When you receive what you purchased at the Mary Louis website, you will find a sticker  with the brand’s logo as a gift.

Together with the piece you will also be provided with a card certifying the purchase and describing the materials used, including name, weight and date of creation.


Can I change the size of a piece by Mary Louis?

For various reasons, you may want to change or adjust the size of a piece; this is especially common in the case of rings. We provide you with the possibility of performing this service: please send us an email describing your wish to [email protected].
We will reply within 48 hours detailing the costs of the service or asking any relevant question about the piece if necessary.


What is the difference between jewellery and costume jewellery?

The materials used in jewellery are more noble and last for much longer. It is fairly common to find pieces that have belonged to successive generations.

Costume jewellery is much more vulnerable to time; for instance, it can easily loose its original colour. It is an option oriented to a much shorter timeframe, leading to greater waste.


How to care for or repair pieces by Mary Louis?

Even though the pieces by Mary Louis are made to last for a long time, jewellery is always delicate. We therefore recommend you the following precautions:

- Avoid contact between the pieces and cosmetic products, detergents or perfumes.

- Do not wear the pieces when practicing sports, as it may cause damages.

- Keep the pieces in a dry and clean place.

- Avoid exposition to humidity if possible.

- Occasionally clean the pieces with a soft and dry cloth.

If your piece suffers some damage, contact us by email – [email protected] – and describe us what happened, if possible illustrating it with a photograph to help us assess the damage. Should the damage result from misuse, there will be a budget for the reparation.


If your piece needs a more thorough cleaning, you can also contact us by email – [email protected] – and we will provide you with the cleaning service. Costs may apply if the piece is not within the conditions to call on the guarantee.



Which materials may I find in the pieces by Mary Louis?

All pieces are in compliance with the guidelines of quality and care of materials, such as 925 Silver and 11-carat to 19-carat Gold. These metals may have various tones and degrees of purity depending on the requirements and preferences of each customer. A variety of adaptations can be undertaken in the making of gold or silver jewels to guarantee the adequate solution to the customer’s profile. The jewels bear the due hallmark. For more information, please see the INCM Website.

As a proof of trust, all pieces when sold are accompanied by a certificate with the description of the materials used, as well as their weight.

The Mary Louis pieces are made by handcraft as well as more innovative processes. All collections stand out for their authentic forms, quality materials and careful crafting.

Mary Louis may occasionally launch some products in which noble metals are combined with materials such as resin, stones, natural or synthetic gems, zirconia or titanium, among others. The information on the used materials is available in the description of each article.



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