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Minaj + Air1

Minaj Earrings

These earrings are inspired in the look and flippancy of urban culture. Strong yet elegant forms ensure a radiant outcome.
(The “Vertigo” collection includes a version of the Minaj Clear form in a pendant.)


Air1 Necklace

The name of this piece is based on research undertaken about the work of Plato, who claimed that the four elements making up the world – Fire, Air, Earth and Water – were the outcome of an aggregation of tiny solids. In this collection, the octahedron equates to the Plato’s solid Air.
This necklace unfolds into several pieces without resorting to any link or bond, with a fascinating and quite original result. In the “Vertigo” collection you can find versions that are simpler and easier to wear in everyday life – the Set Air pieces (earrings and necklace Vertigo).