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Shipping and Returns

How to exchange a piece by Mary Louis?

You can ask for an exchange within 15 days after buying the piece. Please contact us by email – [email protected] – and we will reply within 24 hours providing you with instructions on how to proceed. Always keep your invoice or receipt. It is not possible to exchange or return any article that has been personalised.


Shipping methods:

- Chronopost Home Delivery

A service enabling you to keep track of the day and time when your order will be delivered. You can change the date or even chose another Pickup spot as new place of delivery. You can do it here. The product is delivered within 24 working hours after being dispatched by the seller.


- Chronopost Pickup

You will receive an SMS or an email when your order is available to be picked up. It will be delivered in the Chronopost Pickup spot that you have chosen. Many Pickup spots operate seven days a week with extended opening hours. Check here the pickup network and the spot that is most conveniently located for you. The order will be available at the Pickup spot within 10 working days.

Chronopost Customer Service – 707452828


Payment methods

To make a successful order, you can choose one of the following methods of payment:

  • Credit card – Enter the data correctly and completely to make your purchase.
  • PayPal – You will be redirected to the PayPal website and follow the instructions until the purchase is complete.


Which countries does Mary Louis ship ordered articles to?

Mary Louis makes shipments to Continental Portugal and Archipelagos. All Europe and the rest of the World..


How much are the shipping costs?

In the case of articles sent to Portugal mainland or islands the values can vary from € 3 to € 5. For all
of Europe it can vary from € 7.5 to € 15.5, and for the rest of the World it ranges from € 10 to € 25. Any existing temporary campaign will be pointed out on the website.


How long does it take for an order to be delivered?

The delivery time depends on the type of article that has been ordered. Normally to Europe after the expedition it takes till 3 or 4 days to arrive. In the rest of the World after the expedition can take till 5 days to arrive. In the case of personalised articles or pieces involving the carving of stones or other models with more complex techniques, the article will be shipped within 15 to 30 days after the order. In periods of holidays, when a larger volume of orders and contacts is expected, this may take slightly more time. As soon as your order is ready for shipping, you will receive an email providing you with the necessary information to keep track of the delivery.
Should there be any delay in the production of the piece, we will contact you by telephone or email.