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Privacy Policy:

Mary Louis fully respects the privacy rights of users. The data provided by you will never be shared with any third party.

Mary Louis uses technologies to collect and store information while you navigate the website, which may include cookies and anonymous identifiers. The purpose is to simplify your use of the website.



Mary Louis is not obliged to keep any content, text, data, image or programme published on the website. She may change or correct errors or omissions in any part of the website without a notice in advance; users or third parties are not entitled to any indemnity for this. If there is an inaccuracy in the price shown or any other mistake, we will contact the customer and provide him/her with the option of either confirming the order with the correct price or cancel the order with the due reimbursement. In case the customer decides for the reimbursement, this will be done through the same method used to pay for the order.


Caring and reparation:

Even though the pieces by Mary Louis are made to last for a long time, jewellery is always delicate. We therefore recommend you the following precautions:

- Avoid contact between the pieces and cosmetic products, detergents or perfumes.

- Do not wear the pieces when practicing sports, as it may cause damages.

- Keep the pieces in a dry and clean place.

- Avoid exposition to humidity if possible.

- Occasionally clean the pieces with a soft and dry cloth.

If your piece suffers some damage, contact us by email – [email protected] – and describe us what happened, if possible illustrating it with a photograph to help us assess the damage. Should the damage result from misuse, there will be a budget for the reparation.



The Mary Louis pieces are made by handcraft as well as more innovative processes. All of the collections stand out for their authentic forms, quality materials and careful crafting, including 925 Silver and 14-carat to 18-carat Gold; these metals may have various tones and degrees of purity depending on the customer’s requirements and preferences. A variety of adaptations can be undertaken in the making of gold or silver jewels to guarantee the adequate solution to the profile of each customer.

Mary Louis may occasionally launch some products in which noble metals are combined with materials such as resin, stones, natural or synthetic gems, zirconia or titanium, among others. The information on the used materials is available in the description of each article.

All pieces are certified by the INCM.

As a proof of trust, all pieces when sold are accompanied by a certificate with the description of the materials used, as well as their weight.



Under the legal terms, the Mary Louis pieces have a 3 years guarantee. It is important to mention that a variety of situations do not fall into the classification of manufacturing defects: Damages from misuse or abuse, scratching or pressing the pieces, breaking the pieces, loss, oxidation, deterioration, inadequate conservation and cleaning, as well as the fading of any decorative finish. Pieces that have undergone changes in non-authorised places lose the right to guarantee too. We recommend you to read our list of precautions with the pieces.

As a proof of trust, all pieces when sold are accompanied by a certificate with the description of the materials used, as well as their weight.

When you receive your piece, you should examine it carefully. If you detect any damage or non-conformity, please contact Mary Louis immediately by email: [email protected]

To call on your guarantee, you must indicate the number of your invoice or any other official proof of purchase.

In some cases not covered by the guarantee, should the damage result from misuse, we will send you a budget for the reparation by email.



Enjoy the experience of purchasing on the website

You must fill in your data correctly and completely to guarantee the success of the delivery.

For security reasons, we do not make deliveries to post office boxes.

The orders are processed in and sent from Oporto, in Portugal, following the chosen method of delivery. As soon as your order is dispatched, you will be notified by email.

In case the delivery is not successfully completed, regardless of the method of delivery, Mary Louis will send the article again. If the customer is responsible for the failure, he/she will have to pay for any additional costs involved.


Payment methods:

To make a successful order, you can choose one of the following payment methods:

Credit card – Enter the data correctly and completely to make your purchase.

PayPal – You will be redirected to the PayPal website and follow the instructions until the purchase is complete.



Mary Louis is a brand of Author Jewellery that belongs to:

Maria Luís Costa Rafael Moutinho Cardoso

Tax number: PT 257232559 

INCM user: P008770 - Economic.opr: T0009.0  – Category: Distance Jewelry Retailer - Nrº/Local : 00568/2018/CPO

For any question, please contact us using the email address [email protected] or the telephone number (+351) 93 585 33 30 (from Monday till Friday, 10h-12h and 15h-17h).

Rua Manuel Salgueiral, nº259, 4400-214 Vila Nova de Gaia, Oporto, Portugal.